According to an ancient Chinese saying, the food you eat is the medicine for your soul. If you are always munching on unhealthy, high on sugar and high on salt treats, your health, and your mood will be negatively affected.

 Consume too much sugar and you will get a sugar high, followed by a crashing low. Then, you will notice irritability because of the variance in your blood chemicals.

 In today’s processed food dominant world, your best bet for a healthy body is to take control of your dietary habits as early as possible.

Many people avoid sugar and binge on white starch like white rice. Rice and other white fours have the same insulin response as regular sugar. To stay off the crazy highs and lows, stay away from white flours and rice.

Adding good quality protein can slow your carbs absorption and regulate blood insulin levels. It also helps in regulating the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, the brain chemicals that give you energy and a better mood. Add eggs, tofu, poultry to your diet to improve your protein intake.

Vitamin D is a known good mood inducer. Spend a few minutes in the early morning sun or take a Vitamin D supplement to stay happy. Vitamin B12 will give you a good sleep and keep your energy high. Egg yolk and soy milk can be great ways to get both from food.

Complex carbs with soluble fiber are responsible for the release of serotonin, the ultimate feel-good chemical. Including a healthy dose of oats, beans, peas and fats like Avocado will do wonders for your mood.

 Fruits are great mood lifters. Fructose, the simple sugar contained in fruits digests slowly when you eat them raw. This is a great way to get energy and nutrition.