connecting investors with early stage
food and beverage companies

It’s hard not to notice the extraordinary innovations in the Food and Beverage Industry, exemplified by:


  • The “natural,” “organic,” “healthy” and “sustainable” food movements
  • Globalization resulting in the broadening of the appeal of non-traditional ethnic foods
  • Increased demands of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and diabetic diets
  • The expansion of the American food intelligence through the abundance of TV cooking shows
  • Growth of craft beer movement
  • The Greek yogurt phenomenon


Smaller entrepreneurial companies originate much of the creative innovation in Food and Beverage.These companies are searching for quality capital and leadership to grow their brands, product offerings and distribution networks. Unlike the high tech and biotech industries, no investment “ecosystem” exists for food and beverage companies. Entrepreneurial food and beverage companies lack a network of known angel investor groups that vet companies, coordinate investments and provide meaningful thought leadership.The result has been an inefficient system whereby quality entrepreneurs are seeking investment on a disorganized one-by-one basis.


We believe that Food and Beverage is the high technology sector of the future – and the Midwest will be the “Silicon Valley” of the sector due to its geographic location, manufacturing capacities and history as the nation’s breadbasket. We created The Angel Food Network to accelerate the formation of new companies and to foster the capital ecosystem needed in Food and Beverage – all based in the Midwest.