3 Main Techniques of Including Call-To-Action in Your Product Explainer Videos

Call-to-action is a must-have for any explainer video that wants to beef up conversions. It’s a kind of instruction that you give to your prospective customers that prompts them to take a specific action. The action can be signing up for your newsletter, directing them to watch another video, opt-in your email list, subscribe to your YouTube channel or buy a product or service. CTA is important to a business because it helps harness valuable data about prospective customers, generate leads, and track results. Also, when making explainer videos, it’s highly recommended that you add CTAs at the tail end. The question is; how do you include a call-to-action in your product explainer videos. Here’s how:

Use ‘’text call-to-actions’’ in your product explainer videos

As the name suggests, text CTA involves the use of texts to persuade prospective customers to take action. The words you choose for your text CTA can mean the difference between a conversion and abandonment. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you choose sweet and magnetic words that instantly motivate customers to take action. Text CTA is especially useful if you have a particular URL on your site that you want prospective customers to follow.

Use ‘’vocal call-to actions’’ in your product explainer videos

Vocal CTA simply means using voice to cajole customers to take a specific action. A vocal CTA is adapted to explainer videos that include someone speaking in it or if your product explainer video has a recorded voiceover. The advantage to a vocal CTA is that customers easily resonate with the human voice because it exudes confidence and has the power to motivate prospective customers into taking action. In fact, most business owners prefer vocal CTAs over text CTA when making their explainer videos.

Use ‘’button call-to-actions’’ in your product explainer videos

If you intend to incorporate a sense of interactivity to your product explainer videos, you can choose a magnetic and compelling CTA button. An eye-catching CTA almost always leads to action. Your target audience will be motivated to click on the button, which will take them to the next stage. With the vast majority of people obsessed with colored visuals, attractive buttons CTAs are increasingly becoming popular.


Many business owners are always torn between using a text CTA and vocal CTA. Experts recommend that you try both. This gives you the opportunity to get the response you’ve been yearning for easily.