3 Aspects To Consider in Your In-House Explainer Video Production Process

The internet is littered with statistics on how potent video is as a marketing tool in this day and age. In fact, according to a report by Cisco, video content will attribute to 80% of internet traffic by the turn of 2020. You may be looking to include explainer videos in your marketing campaign and wondering about the techniques other companies are using to make high-converting explainer videos, and for a second, thought that they are using expert video production companies. That’s not entirely true. Compelling explainer videos can be made in-house by an expert and experienced team. If you ensure the following aspects are followed to the latter, you can easily create top-notch, high-converting explainer videos in-house:

Gather the right in-house team for your explainer videos production

You don’t really need a big team or a video production company to create scintillating explainer videos. But, what you’ll surely need is the right talent. In other words, you should have a combination of different skilled video production personnel. The must-have skills on your team to create the best explainer videos include voiceover artist, scriptwriter, video director, video editor, illustrator, and animator, if you are creating animated explainer videos.

The kinds of skilled people you hire will largely hinge on the goals of your explainer videos. Your budget size will also determine the kind of skills you include in your video production team. You can always cut down the cost of explainer video production by hiring an expert and highly experienced videographer.

Establish a culture and environment that props up your explainer videos production team

Promoting videos can sound like a short and simple process, but their production takes up a lot of time, effort and research. You have to make sure that viewers perceive your message quickly and clearly. So if you’re serious about creating videos that will compel prospects to take action, make sure the explainer video production process is refined.

Be passionate about making your explainer videos

Any experienced entrepreneur can tell you that you need passion to succeed in whatever you do. If you want your entire explainer video production process to yield fruits, make sure you commit to the whole process fully. That means dedicating a lot of your time, and every ounce of your energy to creating your product explainer videos. This is only possible if you and your team have the confidence and belief that what you’re making is worth sharing.


You can always go out and solicit the services of an accustomed video production company to support your in-house team. This will guarantee a combination of skill, resources, and talent to make compelling explainer videos.