Explainer Video & Animated Video for Businesses

Most people do not understand what exactly animated explainer videos mean and what they entail. In simple terms, an animated explainer video is a short video. Usually, two to three minutes long used to explain a product or a service by engaging the audience both online and offline. For start-ups, it explains what you do and what your brand entails. It is easier to retain an audiovisual message compared to audio or simple text message. Many companies worldwide have adopted this technique to simplify complicated ideas as well as market their products to potential customers. It is a tool commonly used to boost sales by influencing conversions and retaining customers. The power of animated explainer videos can greatly influence Return on Investment, increase the number of customers and prospects due to their responsive engagement.

Explainer videos benefits

Benefits of using explainer videos

Benefits of using explainer videos

Graphic content is most likely to be ranked top of search result page in Google SERP. Most internet users tend to click video thumbnails rather than texts. More views on YouTube or social media platforms result in an increase in sales in any business.

A video offers more clarity for your services. Large texts cannot explain better than an explainer video nor any static images. It gets easier for your viewers to understand your brand better without making assumptions.

Explainer videos influence conversions more than any other form of marketing. According to recent studies, more than sixty percent of people are more likely to convert to your product after just watching a video. Around eighty-five percent of online shoppers are more likely to place orders after watching an explainer video.

Free explainer videos are easily shareable across social media channels. In this fast-paced era, sharing video across social media platforms has become easier by each day. Cool 3D animated explainer videos can go viral effortlessly.

If you invest in your customized explainer video, the chances are that you will reap heavily in sales. SquareShip Company grew from a start-up to a multi-billion company after they released a explainer video.

Effective videos

Tips for creating an effective video

A captivating video must have a decent script. Before producing your animation, you need to find yourself an expert in scriptwriting. The tone, objectives, arrangements and core issues should be the most critical part of bringing out a killer script.

Making animated explainer videos

Concentrate on how you put the message across. It is advisable to show potential customers the benefits of your product and how it will advantage them rather than its features. Most folks care less about any item’s functions.

Make the video as short as possible but sending the intended message. The video is supposed to be a diagram using fewer words but hitting the nail on its head. Normally, the average number of words in a video is supposed to be one hundred and fifty. Most online viewers will not even consider watching a long video.

Make your video enthusiastic so that it can trigger a positive feeling and intrigue your audience. Make it look as if you care about them. The fact that your objective audience begins to comprehend that it is their own story, the chances are that you are more likely to generate leads.

It is important to urge influential people on social media platforms and on YouTube to share your video widely. If your video is charming, spellbinding, simple and beguiling, then it is most likely going to trend. The best explainer videos on YouTube and other channels receive most views thus converting more customers into using your brand. It happens that when you include humor in your videos, viewers automatically take interest and pay more attention while watching the video.

Tips for creating an effective video